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This is my second day weaving my way through this new technological maze. The reason I'm in it is simple: a publicist and a literary attorney state that I need to "get out there." You see, I'm a writer. I've written four books, two novels and two cookbooks. I've just finished my third novel, titled: The Centurion. I'm also working on a non-fiction book, tentatively titled, Food and War. Why "Food and War" you ask? See, my last cookbook, The Pharaoh's Feast, was a study of food and cooking from the beginning of time to the present. It featuired recipes from antiquity to the present. In fact, the first recipe noted was "A Mess of Pottage." It comes from the first biblical account of a dish of food affecting human behavior as noted in the first book of Moses, Genesis 24:29-34, where Esau sells his birthright to his younger brother, jacob, for a "mess of pottage"---basically, a lentil stew. And then we go from there cataloguing recipes from there to modern times. I end the book with a scrumptious chocolate cake dish (I'm a chocoholic). The book has also been published in the United Kingdom under the title, feasting with the Ancestors.