The Best Show on Earth - since 1967

It's that time of year again, kiddies. The Chinese Kung-Fu Wu-Su Association will host its 42nd annual demonstration/exhibition. Yes, we have been around quite a while (since 1967). In that time a lot of martial arts schools and dojos have come and gone. The reason for our longevity, I believe, is that we follow a proven and valued training program steeped in over 5,000 years of history. We are probably one of the few traditional Shaolin Kung Fu schools in the world. And our objective has not changed. It is, simply, to spread the knowledge of Chinese martial arts, culture and philosophy to the public.

Chinese Kung-Fu Wu-Su is the oldest martial arts system in the world. We follow its venerable precepts in that, apart from the usual methods of fighting, throwing, grappling, body conditioning, weapons, etc., we also incorporate ancient art exercises, and meditative and breathing techniques. It is a complete holistic system. Our aim is not to create a fighting machine, but a centered and disciplined individual. To a true practitioner it is a way of life rather than a sport or pastime. Yet, within these categories, there is something for everyone. Admittedly, most people take up the art to learn self-defense. But there are others who are drawn to its internal application, including diet and herb use, which promote optimum health and longevity.

So, for all you out there, young and old, check us out on November 15th. I use the term "show" but really its more of a program, and it starts at 1 pm. You can buy tickets beforehand, at the door, or you can give us a call at (212) 725-0535. You'll see what we are all about. The program will include the customary punching, kicking, ground fighting, Chin Na-Fa, weapons and breaking. But along with it, you'll witness what some consider death-defying techniques such as the nail bed and other iron body disciplines that leave most people astounded, and some scratching their heads and saying, "How do they do that?" Simple, with proper training, guidance and practice.

I have been with the Temple (we refer to it as such as a sign of respect) for over 35+ years. And I stick around because---you know what?---it's fun, and rewarding. You learn something new every time you're on the floor. It's a continual learning process, aesthetic in its nature. As our founder, Grandmaster Alan Lee has often stated, The ethics of Kung-Fu Wu-Su should be reflected in every aspect of daily life. The essence is to become a better person. And that says it all.

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